Young Engineers

Young Engineers is a national educational charity that promotes engineering through the practical application of science to all UK students aged 7-19 within our Membership Network.

Through our network students can get involved in a variety of hands on activities, designed to engage, excite and employ practical problem solving skills.

Working in teams or as individuals our activities provide a creative and dynamic learning tool for students to discover the potential of an engineering career for them.

Young Engineers was founded in 1983 and throughout the years it has provided quality STEM interactions to schools and colleges throughout the UK and worked with over 1 million students, encouraging and supporting them to explore their potential within the field of engineering, technology, design, and science.

From practical involvement in our competitions, to individual mentoring we have been instrumental in helping young people shape their future and to understand just what engineering is.


Modeling & Diaramas

DH82 Tiger Moth

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