First Aid - Heart Start

Youth First Aid (YFA)

Within the next year and a half, all our cadets complete St John’s Ambulance Youth First Aid qualification. This encompasses a wide range of skills, including. This is either requalified after three years, if the cadet is under 16, or if they are older than 16, they complete the AFA course (below) instead.

Activity First Aid (AFA)

Once a cadet turns 16, they complete the St John’s Ambulance Activity First Aid course, run current by Warwickshire and Birmingham wing ATC. This has a syllabus similar to the YFA.

First Aid At Work (FAAW)

Within the next six months, all our adult staff will have completed the St John’s First Aid At Work (FAAW) course, a full week’s course focused on more advanced life-saving skills. Staff can subsequently choose to specialise as cadet trainers by completing the Heartstart Trainer and YFA Trainer Courses.